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The art of necklace layering

The art of necklace layering

necklace layers
We love each and every one of our necklaces for entirely different reasons. In fact, not a day goes by that we aren’t wearing at least one of them. From our Swarovski stars to our stone satellites and hammered disc pendants; they’re like our second skin.
Over the years we’ve started to gravitate towards layering our trusty favourites with interesting geometric combinations. We’ve learnt that there is no perfect recipe when it comes to creating the layering look of your dreams. Variety is the spice of life! 

Here are a few top tips and favourite picks to get you started so you can pile the layers on with confidence.

Layer it, stack it, style it

Start from the top down

A fool-proof way of making your layers look perfectly balanced is to add varying chain lengths. All of our 9kt gold chains have two length options built into the design, which means you can wear them at 16 inch or 18 inch. As for our 14kt gold-filled options, these come in 16, 18 & 20 inch length options. 
The first necklace you choose should be the simplest and the shortest of the set. The rest ought to be spaced out accordingly. A classic mix would start with a choker or short beaded satellite chain, then perhaps a princess length with an interesting shape, like our multiple circles pendant, and finally a longer matinee length or dramatic lariat piece, such as our circle T-bar necklace. Moving from smaller to slightly bigger silhouettes creates a visually appealing graduation to any neckline. 

If you were to choose the same chain lengths, you’d end up with all of your necklaces in disarray, forming a tangled mess that would take hours to unpick. We’ve all been there! Staggering allows each individual necklace to shine on its own, creating depth and texture to your detailed ensemble.

multiple circles pendant

The rule of three 

The rule of third in art and decor applies to fashion just as well —  and there’s a reason why it’s the magic number. A neck full of layered necklaces is the cornerstone of an effortless look but don't take it too far or you'll lose the effortless part.  
3 gold disks necklace

Mix it up

Combining different aesthetics, textures and weights keeps things interesting. Your canvas is blank, so be playful and offset dainty flashes of diamonds with chunky baroque pearls, hammered gold discs with smooth. Wear silver and gold at the same time! Mix and match as you wish.
hammered disk pendant

Keep it personal 

To create a one-of-a-kind look, go for pieces that epitomise your style, personality and mood. Top it off with a dusting of personalisation by adding one of our teeny tiny 9kt gold initial necklaces. They’re the daintiest of the dainty. 
initial pendant
We would love to see what you put together, so tag us on Instagram: #MoMuse and happy layering!
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