The Ultimate Silk Pillowcase

The Ultimate Silk Pillowcase

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Luxury mulberry silk, 19 momme, the ideal weight for a pillowcase. Eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, luxurious feel. Generous envelope closure for easy tucking and smooth finish.

Good for Hair: Our silk pillowcases help keep hair smoother, sleeker and extend the life of a blowdry, which is why top hairdressers recommend a silk pillowcase to their clients.

Good For Skin: Dermatologists recommend the cumulative anti-aging benefits over your lifetime: sleeping on silk means your skin loses less moisture to your pillow, minimizes friction on your skin, especially for side sleepers. A silk pillowcase is both hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, so it’s skin-protective.

Good for Sleep: Luxurious and it is thermo-regulatory, silk naturally adjusts to the heat of your body, making for a better sleep experience.

Good to Know: Gift box contains one silk pillowcase.

Size: Queen/Standard 51cm x 75cm (20in x 30 in)
Colour: Ivory