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A History of Pearls

A History of Pearls

Without fail, every season at MoMuse, pearls play a starring role in our wedding collection. Rivalling diamonds, they are the quintessential choice when it comes to romantic jewellery, which is unsurprising given their historical significance and long-time association with rarity and beauty. 


9kt gold pearl necklaces MoMuse


Pearl jewellery can be traced as far back as the Roman Empire when it was highly desirable and acted as a symbol of status and wealth. In fact, it’s said that Cleopatra would dissolve a single pearl in a glass of wine before drinking it. Later, in the middle ages, pearls gained a divine status, and were attributed to Jesus and the Virgin Mary as symbols of purity and chastity. They were even worn on the battlefields during the crusades by the Knights Templar as a means of protection. By the 17th and 18th centuries, pearls had lost their religious connotations, and by total contrast, were now being worn in an ostentatious, and often seductive, manner.


"All art is autobiography; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography."

Federico Fellini 


Layered gold and pearl necklaces by MoMuse


The 19th century saw those in the courts of Europe adorn pearl jewellery of all shapes and sizes, from dramatically long necklaces to chokers of pearls. Pearl necklaces experienced another great era of experimentation during the ‘roaring twenties’ when the iconic ‘pearl sautoir’ necklace became popular - imagine strings of pearls with a pearl tassel or dangling ornament


Pearl and gold earrings by MoMuse


The Ancient Greeks were the first to gift pearls as harbingers of good luck to newlyweds and many centuries later, pearls continue to be associated with expressions of love today. Our Wedding Collection features pearls of all shapes and sizes - from the irregular baroque pearl, coin pearl and pear drop pearl to the ever-classic freshwater pearl - adorning earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Discover our full range of pearls here or visit in store to see it for yourself. 


Pearl and gold bracelet on a woman's wrist

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