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Caring for your MoMuse jewellery

Like most things we love in life, fine jewellery needs a healthy dose of TLC on a regular basis. At MoMuse, each piece is handmade and therefore very delicate — but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be worn and loved all the time. To make sure your MoMuse pieces sparkle for years to come, we’ve created a simple guide below on how to best care for your collection.

Jewellery Care FAQs

How often should I clean my jewellery?

Give your jewellery a deep clean every few months. Be gentle but thorough! We’d recommend using the microfibre polishing cloth (we provide these with all 9kt gold and 18kt purchases). NO other products or chemicals are recommended for gold-filled pieces.

What are the 'don'ts' when it comes to wearing jewellery?

Perfumes, creams, hairsprays and other cosmetic products are abrasive and can tarnish jewellery over a longer period of time and also affect the colour and lustre of pearls. To truly get the most out of your MoMuse pieces we’d suggest to first spray yourself in perfume, wait some minutes for it to settle and then put on your jewellery. Basically, your jewellery should always be the last thing to put on before walking out the door and the first thing to take off.Don't forget to wear the plastic stoppers provided with our earrings because they're so delicate, we wouldn't want you to lose one! It goes without saying that all of your pieces should be handled with care.Always remember to take off your jewellery during a workout because sweat can have the same effect as chemicals. We'd also recommend taking it off when bathing, gardening, sleeping and doing other house work — any activities where it can catch and break basically. If your gold does start to look a little dull, the beauty is that you can remove the dirt and restore shine in seconds.

Will hand sanitiser damage my rings? 

If you wear precious rings with delicate stones, we’d suggest taking them off and keeping them somewhere safe — they won’t be friends with hand sanitiser. Solid gold and diamond rings shouldn't have any issues faring against it but one can’t be too careful. The main issue would be from soap and sanitiser causing a build up on your jewellery. We’d recommend removing your jewellery when you wash your hands. 

How should I store my favourite pieces? 

This is very a important one! We advise keeping your jewellery away from direct sunlight and storing the same materials with each other because mixing silver and gold for too long can result in tarnishing. Keeping them tucked away safely prevents scratches and tangling; all the more incentive to buy a gorgeous jewellery box to keep your treasures in! 


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