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Everything there is to know about ear stacking

Everything there is to know about ear stacking

earring stacksEarrings; the one accessory that never leave your side, quite literally! They’re the smallest detail that often miraculously pull an entire outfit together or magically elevate the most basic ensemble.

As its name implies, the ear stack is a way of using multiple earrings together, ‘stacking' them up the ear. This look, requiring minimal effort, opens up a multitude of styling options. From simple single studs to complex sparkling clusters; we love stacks because of the creativity that they can inspire. We sell most of our studs individually as well as a pair so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.  The curated combination you wear is entirely up to you. 

Read on to find out how to build the perfect earring stack. 

Stacking 101:

Constellation combinations

For a refined take on the trend, mix sparkling diamond studs with stars and moons to look like the night sky. Delicate smaller studs are the best because they’re so small you hardly feel like you’re wearing anything at all.
single diamond star stud

The star of the show

While stacking doesn’t necessarily have any limitations, the key to a winning combination is to choose your favourite piece you love and layer a story around it. A falling star alongside a crescent moon is always a good start, but maybe we're bias? These ear additions are extra versatile because they're designed so that you can wear the star on its own with an additional butterfly back, clever huh? 
star and moon drops

Keep it minimal

Add more, but keep it equal in measure. Offset bigger earrings with smaller styles to keep the ear uncluttered. Opt for three studs of similar or increasing size or create different layers with two delicate hoops with a stud. A threader featuring a long drop draws the eye in and airs elegance.

Finding the right balance between length, style and width is all part of the fun. Remember, your right and left ear don’t need to match - everyone’s ear shapes are unique and you might find that certain style earrings look better in different places.
pearl coin threaders

Silver & gold

Out with the old rules and in with the new. Pair silver and gold earrings together in complementary styles to create an eye-catching yet cohesive stack that reflects the light. If you’d rather stick true to just one of the two, go for the metal that best resonates with your skin tone. If you're stuck, well, rose gold goes with pretty much anything!
rose gold hoops

Dare to be dramatic

If you’re not into hoops, pair your simple studs with dramatic climbers that stretch up your ear. They are great for any piercing, from the lobe to the conch or the helix and make a great spotlight feature of any combination. 
single star climber

Stack your stones 

Coloured gemstones add dashes of sparkle and character to any stacked look. Use colours and hues from the same family for expertly decorated lobes. True to our Irish nature, we like adding hints of green to our stacks with our malachite double beaded threader earrings.
double beaded green threader
Different types of earrings to stack 
  1. Hoops
    Hoops are the name of the game. These jewellery box classics vary in both width and size which makes them great for mixing things up depending on your mood. Our 14kt gold filled clip hoops are an everyday essential, no matter the stacking style.
  2. Studs
    Dainty enough to be worn every day, the higher you go up the ear, the smaller the diameter of stud, or vice versa. Studs are the most versatile of styles as they leave plenty of room either side, all the more for stacking! The question is, will your stack story tell a celestial rhyme or a geometric fantasy?
  3. Climbers
    It's true, there's a climber for every occasion. Our personal favourite is our 9kt gold three star stud, that also comes with a single star in a set. 
From delicate studs to bold hoops, we love creating a layered look that shows off our favourite MoMuse pieces. Shop our entire earring collection now. 

Don’t forget to share your works of art with us and #MoMuse

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