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Get To Know Pearls: Baroque, Keshi, Freshwater & More

Get To Know Pearls: Baroque, Keshi, Freshwater & More

Not all pearls are created equal. From classic round pearls to more unconventional shapes, let's explore some of the beautiful types of pearls we love at MoMuse, including baroque, keshi, and coin pearls.

Baroque Pearls: Beauty in Imperfection

Baroque pearls are a celebration of nature's creativity. Unlike the perfectly round pearls, baroque pearls are irregular in shape, which makes each one utterly unique. These pearls can come in various forms, from oval and teardrop to more abstract and freeform shapes. The allure of baroque pearls lies in their distinctiveness; no two pearls are exactly alike. See our baroque pieces here.

Keshi Pearls: The Purest Gems

Keshi pearls, often referred to as "poppy seed" pearls due to their small size, are another unique variety and are considered to be a type of baroque pearl. They are formed as by-products during the cultivation of cultured pearls. As a result, keshi pearls are composed entirely of 'nacre' (mother of pearl), which gives them an exceptional lustre and irridescence. See our keshi pieces here.

Coin Pearls: Sleek and Flat 

Coin pearls are a distinctive type of freshwater pearl, named for their flat, round shape that resembles a coin. They are particularly popular in pendants and earrings, where their unique shape and size can be showcased to full effect. The flat shape also makes them ideal for designs that require a flush fit against the skin. See our coin pieces here.

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