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Margaret's Pearl Jewellery Edit

Margaret's Pearl Jewellery Edit

“The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too”

Vincent van Gogh, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh


Pearls have long been a staple of our collections at MoMuse - in fact we recently travelled to meet our trusted German supplier, hand picking the best and most unique pieces for our new Spring Summer collection (launching very soon!).

A favourite as an accessory to everything from wedding dresses to t-shirts, this lustrous gem is a failsafe way to add both class and playfulness to your looks. Keep reading to discover Margaret's favourite pearl pieces. 


baroque pearl necklace MoMuse


You'll find an endless variety of pearls across our 14kt gold-filled and fine jewellery collections. For something timeless, there's the petite pearl; perfectly round and white, you'll find these triple AAA quality pearls on necklaces. drop earrings, and even surrounded by diamonds in our favourite 18kt gold pearl and diamond ring. Another favourite that has just arrived in store is the 9kt gold five freshwater pearl ring.


Model wearing a pearl ring by MoMuse

Five pearl gold ring by MoMuse 

Perhaps the most popular is the baroque pearl - a beautifully irregular formation that adorns hoops, bracelets and our signature threader earrings. I particularly love this gold-filled paperclip chain and pearl combination, especially when layered with our 9kt gold paperclip chain. No two baroque pearls are the same, so they make for an interesting challenge when we're making our collections in the MoMuse studio. 


Baroque pearl necklace and gold paperclip chain by MoMuse


Then there's the pearls of the coin, keshi and saucer variety. These styles tend to be flat and irregular in shape and size. We used keshi pearls throughout our latest AW23 collection to add a sense of drama. Saucer pearls stack particularly elegant together elegantly as you can see in our delicate saucer pearl threaders.


Saucer pearl gold filled threader earrings by MoMuse


And last but certainly not least, is mother of pearl. What you might not know is that this rare and pearlescent material is technically termed “nacre”, a crystallised mineral compound that forms on the inner shell layer of certain mollusks. I particularly love these delicate 9kt gold mother of pearl earrings - a modern take on the classic 'girl with a pearl earring' look. 


Mother of pearl and gold earring by MoMuse


Leaving you with some pearls of wisdom - pearls are natural and delicate and need a little extra care. Be sure to keep them stored in a pouch or box and take care not to use perfume or creams on or around your pearls as they may discolour. 


I'm excited to be sharing some new pearl styles as part of our SS24 collection launching in the coming weeks. Sign up to our newsletter via our homepage to be the first to know when it drops. 

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