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Top tips for choosing your wedding jewellery

Top tips for choosing your wedding jewellery

When it comes to your wedding day it's the little details that make a big difference.

Finding the perfect accessories is arguably the best part about adding the final touches to your wedding ensemble. Note, our use of final here. It’s important that you fight the temptation to tick this box off first out of all your wedding preparations. Why, you ask? Well, the dress you choose may end up being far from what you imagined wearing. That, alongside the fact that it’s much easier to find accessories to match your dress rather than in reverse. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Here’s a guide on how to pick pieces that will accentuate and add shimmer to your day.

Balance it out 

Believe it or not, not every piece you wear has to be statement. When it comes to oozing elegance, simplicity is key. Don't upstage the dress. Instead, pay attention to the smaller details of your jewellery coming together with your dress's cut and shape and make sure to keep things balanced.

If you’re planning on styling an elaborative neckline, such as a high collar in the finest French lace, go easy on the necklace front. If you’re going for a lower cut, such as a sweetheart or bardot, this leaves you with plenty of space to fill with decorative drops. Similarly, if you’re planning on covering your arms with sheer long sleeves and cuffs laced with clusters of jewels; bracelets would be lost against the backdrop.

If your dress is understated and you opt for a statement necklace to add an element of opulence, keep your earrings small. Try small studs, or even wear none altogether. Likewise, if your corset is heavily beaded with an embroidered waistband and sash to match, keep the sparkles to a minimum and go for something more minimalist and iconic. 

Match your metals

There are three types of metals to choose from when it comes to wedding jewellery; white, gold or rose gold. Each compliment specific dress types and colours, along with different skin tones. 
  • White metals like silver, white gold or platinum add that extra gleam to brilliant white dresses. 
  • Yellow gold fits better with cream hues and subtle pinks, serving to highlight the creamier tones of fabrics like luxurious Italian satin. 
  • Rose gold is a good fit for swoon-inducing whites and hints of silver.

Style it up

You want your jewellery to compliment both you and your dress. Deciding what to wear is a tricky process, especially if you want to inject your signature look into every single layer. Here are a few popular looks amongst brides to date and our takes on the best jewellery to compliment them. 
The classic look

When it comes to choosing something feminine yet traditional, pearls ought to be your first option. Synonymous with sophistication, they are both pretty and subtle and incredibly versatile.

The princess effect
If you’re going for a fit and flare silhouette, with a body-skimming dress that bursts at the bottom into gentle folds of meringue-style netting, then add tiny shimmering touches of sparkle with halos of small diamonds. This will help elevate the whole glamorous effect. 

Bohemian bridal
Wanting to emulate a whimsical tale of love and romance but with a modern twist? Go for a mixture of patterns, metallic and precious stones. If your dress is cream, pink sapphires or quartz will help to bring out your blushing tones. 
Understated elegance
If you find yourself wanting to shy away from the spotlight then less is definitely more. Forget sparkles and add pops of colour instead? They won’t detract from your dress. In fact, they'll offset whites perfectly. There's no need to keep everything a shade of ivory, silver or gold. At MoMuse, we're a big fan of black diamonds, even when it comes to weddings.  
Final notes, from us to you. Be sure to take your jewellery collection with you to your final fitting so you can see how everything ties together. Make sure you’re happy with the whole picture and remember, if you’ve opted for subtle dainty pieces, incorporate them into your everyday rather than just wearing them the once. Your wedding dress may not get another chance to shine but your jewellery certainly can.

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Thank you so much for this insane article that you have shared with us, these tips will surely help me in selecting the right jewelry for my wedding.

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