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We're all ears

We're all ears

Let’s face it. A girl can never have too many earrings. As far as jewellery staples go, earrings have always been the heart and soul of our collection.

Not a day goes by without someone asking whether we sell our earrings as individuals because they’ve either lost or broken one of their favourite pairs. It happens! Luckily for you, we understand what it feels like to have a small stud shaped hole in your heart, and so, we decided to sell our earring as singles too.

Step up your ear game and create your own stacked dream with a mix and match from the collection below.

Types of earrings

Our threaders are different for a reason. Composed of a length of fine chain, one end smoothly attaches to a metal post and threads through the lobe to dangle behind the earlobe while the other half of the chain sits in front. We like to add decorative components for extra detail, be it a little falling star, a golden shadow chessboard drop, or a dainty open circle.

The chains we use are incredibly delicate, giving a sense of elegance to any drop, but you have to be careful to keep them stored safely when not wearing them — otherwise they may tangle and knot. And nobody loves unpicking a knotted chain.

Half threaders
Our half threaders are similar to the full threader in the sense that there’s a section of chain hanging behind the earlobe with a charm remaining at the front. The only difference being that the front drop is only half the length of the original threader. Words simply can’t do these beauties justice. Take a look for yourself…

The one accessory we all wear and love 24/7. Hoops are so simple yet so versatile! And they never go out of style. Whether they’re stacked with other studs, doubled up or even tripled. Due to their circular nature, they have the ability to draw the eye towards the face, accentuating your jawline and complimenting your cheekbones nicely. We like to mix the essentials up with little Swarovski details and pearls, revolutionising the hoop while keeping its unique, classic shape.

We have a range of hoop sizes. From tiny hoops the size of your pinky finger to a hoop that could fit in your palm. Whichever you choose to wear depends entirely on you and your style.

Pictured: 9kt gold hoops - large, medium, small.
Oval opens 
Our oval opens feature, as the name suggests, an oval shaped design with an open detail. Ours usually have a little hero drop like Dalmatian jasper or grey agate to draw the eye in and turn it green (with envy).

Cluster earrings offer a breath-taking way of transforming your whole look. They really do create the wow factor. This dazzling style of earring, complete with an array of beads or lustrous seed pearls meticulously set side by side, provides an air of exquisite opulence. Every style savvy woman will adore wearing these. We’re looking at you.

We know it’s highly likely you know what a stud is but for your benefit we’ll break it down into simple terms. A stud earring features a small component, such as a solitaire diamond, mounted on a narrow post that passes through a piercing in the earlobe and is held in place by a fixture on the other side. They essentially give the appearance of floating on the ear without a visible (from the front) point of connection.

Whether you’re looking for a matching pair or a single stud to curate your own stack. Our unique handmade collection is sure to suit your every want and need.

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Mini studs
Our mini studs are, would you believe, just a smaller variation of our big studs. And also come as a pair or single stud should you wish.

Now, don’t forget to show us your curated ears and tag us #MoMuse.

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