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Our Past Collections Inspired by Nature

Our Past Collections Inspired by Nature

Nature has always been a primary source of design inspiration here at MoMuse. Countless pieces and collections are heartfelt tributes to the beauty and wonder found in nature's form and colour both here in Ireland and further afield.

Whether it's the delicate patterns of Autumn leaves or the mesmerising hues of natural gemstones, we constantly draw upon the organic world that surrounds us to craft jewellery that balances sophistication with simplicity. 

Here are some of our favourite past collections that were inspired by nature.


From the Ocean's Edge: Spring/Summer 2024
Our latest collection drew upon the great sense of calm found where the ocean meets the land. Great expanses of sky, the sea beyond, the sound of the waves, all combine to calm our busy minds.

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Nature's Black: Autumn/Winter 2023
Last year's Autumn/Winter collection explored the idea of contrasts, particularly the juxtaposition of light and dark as gleaming white freshwater pearls were paired with glistening black agate crystals. 

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Golden Hour: Spring/Summer 2023

For our Spring/Summer 2023 collection, globe-shaped golden shadow crystal spoke to the sun, while pearls (both baroque and freshwater) appeared as little gifts from the ocean.

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Nature's First Green is Gold: Autumn/Winter 2022

This season was all about emerald green, MoMuse founder Margaret's favourite colour of gemstone. The rich and verdant shades could be found in forest green-hued crystals, as well as natural emeralds too.

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