About Us

Designed in Dublin by Margaret O’Rourke, our collections embody the ideals of modernist design; they are simple and understated with an emphasis on clean lines and geometric shapes.

By working with the finest craftspeople and using only the highest quality materials, each MoMuse piece is created with versatility and longevity in mind.

As inspired by our travels and the night sky, our core collections feature stars, moons, circles, bars and squares and are rendered in 9kt gold and 14kt gold-filled.

Our Home in Dublin

Nestled in an inviting corner of Dublin’s historic Powerscourt Centre, MoMuse began its journey as a single stall in the same store we now call home. We’ve created an intimate space which mirrors the experience of opening a MoMuse box; a radiant yet calming sight.

Browsing is encouraged and conversation is welcomed. We take special pride in our displays, favouring open shelving and hanging branches for a more tactile shopping experience.

As an independently operated business, we value the opportunity to meet you in person; those of you whose custom we’ve enjoyed for years and those who have just found us!

In addition to our latest collections, the MoMuse store is also home to a curation of accessories and gifts by friends and favourites of Margaret’s. Designers and makers include Eilis Boyle, Simple Things, Leaf & Stitch, Oxmantown Skincare, Mucros Weaver & Bookbindery, Merle O'Grady, Parkminster and Mathieu Challieres.

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