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The definitive guide to ring stacking

The definitive guide to ring stacking

stacking rings When it comes to ring stacking there really are no rules. Truly, anything goes. The more the merrier!  Why wouldn’t you want to wear all of your favourite things at once? At MoMuse our rings are designed to be mixed, matched, layered and stacked together - as well as worn on their own.

Read on for our top tips on how to pull off an expert stack from start to finish.

Stacking 101:

Mix your metals, stones and textures

Stacking rings aren’t meant to be neat. Think ‘from chaos comes creativity'. Experiment with different designs and styles and mix your metals. If you want to play it safe, go for all yellow/rose/white gold. If you’re feeling more adventurous, pick a dominant colour and simply incorporate 2-3 pieces of your second metal throughout the stack. You can, and should, wear white and gold metals together. Don’t shy away from blending your palettes.

This applies to your stones too. Avoid uniformity by mixing your red rubies with your black diamonds, your lapis lazuli with your green onyx and so on. You can even mix within the same pieces, like our 9kt yellow gold band with black and white diamonds in the one band. For a more nuanced feel, keep your hues to the same colour family. Pearls add a dash of elegance to any stack. 

Mixing different textures and pops of colour draws the eye in, so choose between hammered, beaded and smooth bands. These look stunning either side of an eternity band, or worn alone on your pinky finger.
sapphire ring

Mix your shapes 

If you do decide to keep the base colour the same, you can still add a dash of eclectic styling by changing up the width of your bands and varying the shapes.
hammered gold ring

Pile them up or stack across 

Adorn one finger with a vertical pile of your favourite pieces or scatter your sparkles across your entire hand, stacking horizontally. Mix it up. Stack two on your index finger, two on your middle, and one on your ring finger. Leaving a finger bare helps create balance between your treasures. If you downsize your diamond bands, you can even fit them as midi rings. 
circle diamond ring

Balance it out 

Talking of balance, ease off the rest of your arms and keep your accessories understated. Add a couple of delicate bangles to your opposite arm or go totally bare to let your stacked rings shine. 
square gold bangle
Different kinds of rings to stack:
  • Plain bands | these are essential to any stack. 
  • Eternity bands | these are the eye-catchers. 
  • Statement rings | the bolder the better.
  • Midi Rings | for the finishing touches.

There you have it. Far easier than it looks, right? Shop our ring collection here. 

Do you have your own formula for creating the perfect stack? 
Share your suggestions in the comments. 

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