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We've taken a shining to pearls

We've taken a shining to pearls

Trends may come and go but to me, pearls have always had this allure of being timeless. They are the most understated yet elegant of gems. Complete in their perfection from creation, they require no cutting or polishing. They are pure, pristine and ageless in their charm. Their sensuality captures the light and illuminates the skin, making them immensely flattering to one’s complexion and they can be worn in many ways; making them the most versatile of gems in your jewellery box.

From bumpy baroque pearls, to tiny misshapen seed pearls and iridescent pearls in darker shades of black, I love that their beauty is not restricted to perfect orbs or symmetrical, uniform, single strands. In my eyes, whilst they might embody sophisticated elegance, they aren’t meant to be ‘trophies’ to be hidden away, but to be worn every day.
The history of the pearl 
The narrative of the pearl goes beyond that of their organic origins. There are many legends, magical stories and superstitious tales surrounding the powers they exert on those that wear them. It is said that they stimulate the mind in clarity and wisdom, attract prosperity, and heighten the imagination (I'm expecting these added benefits to kick in any time now). They also have astrological associations with the planet Venus, the goddess of love, who also came from the sea.
A modern twist 
Our pearl designs hope to illustrate a sense of nostalgia and whimsical romance but with a modern twist; blending their natural form with geometric and strict shapes. Whether they’re shining alone or with others (gems), they breathe a sense of life into my favourite pieces. Our collection has varied over the years to feature the pearl in all its forms; the traditional round fresh water pearl, coin pearls, saucer pearls, button pearls, cluster pearls and our Baroque pearls - which are still the most popular today. 

Our petite pearl drop earrings or the oval open petite pearl earrings are the perfect detail for an everyday look: whether you wear your hair up or down, they’ll delicately frame and highlight your face, giving you a soft glow that no highlighter can provide.

For a more statement look, try our 14kt gold filled baroque threaders or the long pearl chain earrings. Ideal for evenings out when you want a style that’s subtle but won’t go unnoticed.



A cluster necklace to keep close to your heart - this delicate chain can be worn alone or layered with other minimal chains for effortless beauty.

Tassels add movement and style to any outfit, no matter how casual! The pearl fringe and tassel pendant is striking yet simple. Pair it with plunging necklines and button down tops.


If rings are your go-to for a touch of glamour, choose a contemporary spin on a classic with our gold pearl diamond ring. An 18kt gold band with a shining orb pearl set amidst delicate diamonds.

The perfect pearl does exist. There are matching stud earrings for this one too!

 Take their word for it 
“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” - Coco Chanel 

“Pearls are always appropriate.” – Jackie Kennedy

“She is mine own, and I as rich in having such a jewel, as twenty seas, if all their sand were pearl, the water nectar, and the rocks pure gold.” – William Shakepeare

“All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” – Frederico Fellini
Margaret O'Rourke
on behalf of the team at MoMuse.
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