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What is Gold Filled

What is Gold Filled Jewellery?

We get a lot of questions about what 'gold filled' actually means, so today we're diving in and answering it!

What is gold filled?
Gold Filled is a durable, high quality alternative to traditional fine gold hallmarked items. At MoMuse, our gold filled jewellery contains 5% 14kt pure gold bonded to an inner base metal core. The process involves pressure bonding multiple layers of the pure gold with extreme heat onto the inner core; the result of this complex process is the high quality gold filled item.
Does gold filled jewellery tarnish?
When cared for correctly, gold filled jewellery will last years and shouldn't tarnish easily. Check out our guide on caring for your jewellery.
Is Gold Filled any different to Gold Plated?
Gold Filled jewellery is often confused with Gold Plating. Plated jewellery has only a light flash coating of gold onto metals like brass, silver and copper. It can tarnish and also flake off easily. It is a less complex process and therefore normally a less expensive option. See our graphic below.
Is Gold Filled suitable for sensitive skin?
Our Gold Filled jewellery contains no nickel and unless you have sensitivities to solid gold, then it should give you no trouble. It doesn't rust or discolour the skin either.
What makes it different to your 9kt and 18kt Gold collection?
Our 9kt and 18kt collections are pure gold hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office. Their price point is higher due to the purity percentage of gold in them. 9kt gold contains a minimum of 37.5% of pure gold which makes it a more durable product. 18kt gold contains a minimum of 75% pure gold which gives a different texture and colour, traditionally 18kt gold would have been used in fine jewellery that has been passed on from generation to generation.
We hope this helps explain the differences in the products we create so you can choose the perfect piece for you!

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