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Behind 'Nature's Black' - our new AW23 collection

Behind 'Nature's Black' - our new AW23 collection

The light plays tricks with us at this time of year. The mornings can be dark and the evenings short but wait a few hours, and you might find the streets flooded with the most golden, Autumn sunlight. 

keshi pearl gold-filled bracelet on model's arm


It’s a duality we love. Night and day, black and white, masculine and feminine. We embrace these opposites, for one can’t exist without the other and together, with the right balance, they can make a harmonious whole. 


pearl fringe drop earring


Our Autumn Winter 2023 collection is a celebration of contrasts - the darkness of multi-faceted black agate, the brightness of freshwater, keshi and baroque pearls and the brilliance of asymmetrical, golden-shadow crystal pendants. These elements are married with delicate 14kt gold-filled paper clip chains, hoops, fans and fringing along with rich hammered and pleated textures.  

gold-filled jewellery


"I was lucky enough to spend some time working for Chanel many years ago as I was building MoMuse. Monochrome - the Chanel signature look - is one that never dates. I've enjoyed referencing this timelessness in our new Autumn Winter collection"

- Margaret O'Rourke, MoMuse Founder & Designer


Autumn is a favourite time of year for Margaret and this is evident in the use of blacks and warm golden hues you’ll find in our new AW23 collection. Pearls - another Chanel classic - also feature. We work exclusively with an internationally renowned pearl supplier who has over thirty years experience in sourcing the world’s finest and most ethical pearls.

model wears gold-filled jewellery

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