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Seeing stars

Seeing stars

Friends, it is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce MoMuse has had an upgrade. The website has had a makeover of sorts and we now have a fresh look and feel. Basically, we've made it to the 21st century! Celebratory drinks a must - surely?

Take a look. We hope you like it as much as we do!

With this recent development came moments of reflection. I thought I’d talk you through the backbone of my collection and the source of my inspiration from the very beginning. Those of you that know me and the brand well will recognise the star as my symbol. We even use it in our packaging! It’s no news that the constellations have been inspiring us since the dawn of time. And this very much rings true for me too.

While there might be billions and billions of stars out there, too many to count in fact, we - and by we, I mean me - keep a few close to our hearts. My collection is composed of dainty fallen stars, shimmering night skies and crescent moons.

The three star stud and single star stud, sold mismatched or as single earrings alone, have been the most popular designs to date. We, however, are madly in love with our latest additions. Scroll down to shop our top five picks, if we really had to choose.
Jewellery is such a great conversation starter and it always brings me joy when someone points to a piece and asks about it in detail. There’s pretty much always a story to be told…

Margaret O'Rourke
on behalf of the MoMuse Team.

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