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The Essential MoMuse Holiday Jewellery Edit & Care Guide

The Essential MoMuse Holiday Jewellery Edit & Care Guide

With schools officially out for the summer, we’ve put together this edit of MoMuse holiday essentials to help make packing just that little bit easier. Whether you’re poolside or campsite bound, we’ve also got some top tips to help ensure that the 4 holiday ‘S’es (sunscreen, sand, saltwater and swimming pools) don’t wreak havoc on your jewellery. 


MoMuse gold hoop earrings

Choosing what to pack 

Does anyone else pack for their holidays with the best version of themselves in mind (i.e. the ‘self’ who works out daily, wears glamorous wide-brimmed hats by the pool and sports red lipstick on the beach) only to end up venturing no further than the resort bar, wearing a baseball cap every day and never applying a scrap of makeup?

If that’s you, then we recommend packing light and choosing versatile pieces that will bring you from breakfast buffet to after-dinner karaoke. 

Our collection of 9kt gold paperclip chains (in weights light and heavy) work well together as a pair or individually. You can also use them to carry your favourite charms while you’re not wearing them on your huggies or hoops. 


MoMuse paperclip 9kt gold chains

Speaking of… these are both a great choice for understated ears that will work just as well with your pitching-a-tent look as they will with your cocktail attire. Try our diamond huggies or our 9kt gold clip hoops. Studs are another smart choice - they’re low maintenance, suitable for high activity and if paired with diamonds, perfect for dinner out.


MoMuse 9kt gold hoops and huggies

Aside from these everyday staples, at least one pair of statement earrings is an absolute must. We love these crystal dazzlers by Merle O’Grady and these pearl and bar drop earrings from our SS23 collection.

MoMuse Merle O'Grady crystal statement earrings

Moving on to the hands, it’s always fun to lean into a more bohemian aesthetic while on holidays which is where our signature stacking rings really come into their own. For something utterly luxurious, try our new 18kt gold emerald and diamond stacking duo or our plain 18kt hammered gold bands.

Last but not least, and a first for us is our 9kt gold anklet - the perfect accessory to your freshly sunkissed skin. 



So, now that you’ve rounded up your favourite jewels, how should you pack them? To avoid arriving at your destination to find your jewellery in a tangle, we’d suggest picking up our bestselling MoMuse travel box. Pop this into your carry-on so you can keep your jewellery safe throughout your journey. 

MoMuse jewellery travel case


The 4 ‘S’es

Sunscreen, sand, saltwater and swimming pools aren’t exactly jewellery’s best friends. When it comes to solid gold, some exposure to saltwater is ok but it can dull your jewellery. Sunscreen can have a similar effect. Make sure to pack your MoMuse polishing cloth to keep your jewels dazzling. 


MoMuse jewellery box

As saltwater is corrosive, prolonged exposure can sometimes weaken diamond settings or areas where jewellery has been enlarged (and therefore thinned) so bear this in mind if you’re planning on daily dips. 

Chlorine can be particularly damaging to gold and diamonds. In this case, we’d recommend removing and leaving your pieces somewhere safe - ideally your hotel room or in your bag in the car of someone you trust. 

Lastly, sand is not a friend to gemstones as it can leave tiny scratches on their surfaces. If you’re concerned, leave your gems at home and reunite with them for dinner. 

Bon voyage and don’t forget to share your holiday snaps with us by tagging @momusejewellery or #momuse.

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