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Reflections & Aspirations

Reflections & Aspirations


Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel and some hope in sight! We're choosing to reflect & learn from our experiences, and to look forward to what's next!

Things that the last year has taught us:

1. Our 5km radius is beautiful

Who would have thought we'd all become such experts of our 5km radius? We've been forced to re-discover all that our nearby surroundings have to offer and I think it's fair to say the majority of us have a new found appreciation for it. There was also a deeper sense of community formed as neighbours began to help each other out. My husband and I would doing a weekly shop for one of our neighbours and it created such a lovely bond.

2. Shopping local is more important than ever

We cannot thank you all enough for choosing to shop with us for yourself and for your gifts. When you support a small local business, you support a dream. It breaks our hearts to see so many local businesses closing down over the last year. If there was ever a time to shop local, it's now! We love our customers and enjoyed writing your handwritten notes as each order came in. There were so many about how much people missed seeing each other and it meant so much to us that they chose MoMuse as a way of connecting.

3. Taking the time to slow down should be a necessity, not a luxury

The past year has made us pause and slow down; and we can all probably agree that it's put a lot into perspective. In a society that is constantly go-go-go and onto the next thing, we need to rest. Whether that's done through reading a book, going for a walk, calling a loved one, doing some yoga or meditation or simply taking a nap, it helps us keep going at a healthy pace.


4. How to adapt quickly to change

Every month of the last year brought change and it's safe to say we've gotten very good at adapting! From closing to opening to closing, a Christmas with a difference and now opening again, it's taught us a lot. We were very thankful for our shop to be able to send out orders from and connect with our customers over phone, email & Instagram. Watching our friends in the hospitality industry stay closed and a very quiet city was very difficult.

5. Online presence is extremely important 

A regularly updated and user friendly website alongside active social media accounts has kept us strong throughout the last year. I think it's fair to say that it's definitely been the year that we've all ordered and received more packages than we'd like to admit!! However, online isn't always for everyone so we tried to accommodate everyone by taking some orders over the phone. We're delighted to be re-introducing our Click & Collect service from the 10th May.

We're looking forward to:

1. Opening up our doors again

We have been eagerly awaiting the 17th May to re-open our doors and welcome back our dearly loved customers. Our team have been busy getting the shop ready for you & we've added some newness to our interiors, thanks to the wonderful Jo Murphy Art and The Garden.

2. Travelling

I think it's fair to say that everyone is itching to get on a plane right now! For now, we are going to travel our beautiful country again soon and I am so looking forward to seeing family in Kerry, friends in West Cork and enjoy and support small businesses who have been closed for a long time.

Travelling around the world to places like Paris, Antwerp and Italy to name a few are a huge part of MoMuse. We can't wait for the day we can go again so we can source new stones, pearls and diamonds and get fresh inspiration for our pieces.

3. Eating out in our favourite restaurants

There's no doubt we'll have our names down to book into our favourite cafes and restaurants. Nothing sounds better right now than brunch in Two Boys Brew, lunch in The Pepper Pot, Cocktails & Bubbles in The Westbury or dinner in Forest Avenue or Coppinger Row.

4. Pampering ourselves

Everybody is out booking their appointments and we're no different. Some of our much loved salons & beauticians are Floraison, The Loft, Mink and FlatIron.

5. Attending social gathering & hosting guests for dinner parties

Parties, concerts, weddings & hosting friends - we'll be at them all catching up on the memories we've missed out on making. BBQ season is upon us and you can bet we'll be grabbing some groceries from Fallon & Byrne, Forest Avenue Green Grocer and fresh veggies from the Honest 2 Goodness market to share with loved ones.


We can see the light now, can you? It's only a matter of time. We will HUG again soon.
Visit us IN STORE from the 17th May. More details to come. 

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